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Get a custom itinerary created just for you by our experienced travel planners

Our travel planners are experienced travellers who have amassed travel knowledge from every corner of the globe. From Australia to Angola, Finland to Fiji or Poland to Peru, there is no trip that our travel planners can't hand handle! We serve clients from all over the world going to any destination that you can think of. So, if you want to create your dream trip then look no further!

Save Money

We work tirelessly to save you money on your dream trip and are happy to work with any budget type.

We leave no stone unturned to find you the best deals and only recommend what we think is best for you!

We have access to great insider deals that we pass on to you to save you money on your dream trip.

Save Time

We do all the research for you from flights to accommodation to tours to restaurants, meaning you don't have to worry about a thing!

Tell us what you like and we'll bring you a list of activities that we think will knock your socks off.

With all the planning done, you just need to worry about packing your bags!

Save Panic

Forget about the pre-holiday panic, leave everything to us and start relaxing!

We only used recognised booking sites and travel agencies so you don't need to worry about authenticity.

All of our payments are made through Paypal or Stripe so you always know where your money is and where its going!


Try before you buy: Once you've filled in our form to get started you will receive a FREE consultation email within 24 hours to chat about your dream trip.

Fast and simple: Tell us where you want to go and we will make it happen!

Complete control: You have complete control of your trip and will never be locked into a commitment with us if you don't want to be! We plan it, you book it! Or alternatively, we can book it for you!

Detail Orientated: We can plan everything for you including flights, tours, hotels, activities, restaurants and so much more! Or we can simply find you a flight or hotel!

No rip offs: Ever spoken to a travel agent and feel like they're ripping you off? With our book it yourself system, you know exactly what you're getting for your money.

Always on hand: We will always be just an email away throughout the whole process so if you need to change something just get in touch.

All Welcome: We serve every customer with a smile no matter who they are, where they're going or what their budget is!


One Stop Shop: We can also help you get travel insurance, rent a car, stock up on important travel items and assist with your packing!

100% Safe: We only use recognised travel sites to create your dream trip! And only used recognised money handlers to look after your money.

Final product: At the end of the process you will receive a custom itinerary with all the details of your trip including links to complete the bookings!

Discover our simple pricing system! We price our trips based on group size and trip length. We charge a one off fee for our planning services.

Get your trip planned without all the bells and whistles. Tell us your destination, dates and budget and we'll book you a hotel/flight combo.

Explore our full range of travel services including honeymoon planning, sports ticket booking and custom packing lists!

Check through our comprehensive terms of service for each one of our unique travel planning services.

Skip the queue and pay for your custom planned travel itinerary now! Just make sure you've filled out our form first!

Find out exactly what you get for your money when you purchase one of our custom planned travel itineraries.

Still stuck on where to go for your holiday? Well then maybe our list of our favourite travel destinations will inspire you!

Want to go on holiday without all the endless planning? Then take a look at our pre-planned boutique travel packages.

Go bargain hunting through our handcrafted list of the hottest travel deals, picked especially for you to save money on your travels.

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