Have you ever been on the road and suddenly realised you don’t know where you’re going? Ever started a trip and then discovered that you have to make a change to your plans? Well, we know that feeling and that’s where Travel Buddy is here to help.

What You Get

You get a friend on the road should you need it. Someone who’s on your side and will work to help you make the best of every situation. We make no commission from any tour agency, hotel or transportation company so our recommendations are always tailored toward suiting you.


The last minute nature of our system allows us to give you access to some of the best last minute deals that are out there, meaning you could get a five star experience for a one star price!

You get a knowledgeable tour and guide who has accumulated many years of travel across the globe. Their years of travel experience means that they’ve probably been in a few sticky situations themselves so know the best tricks for finding you last minute recommendations.


Our easy to use system allows you stay in touch with your Travel Buddy in the way that most suits you. We operate via Whatsapp, Facebook and Email. We will also send you alerts on upcoming flights, tours and accommodation bookings.

How It Works

The system couldn’t be simpler and easily accessible for everyone. Simply send your travel buddy a message through your desired platform, telling them what you need and they will get back to you within just a few hours. We aim to get back to you as quickly as possible, and reply speeds vary based on your package type. We also insist that you shouldn’t ask us about anything you want to happen in the next 18 hours, we can’t always work that quickly! Dependant on your package type, you will only get a certain amount of questions per day, so use them wisely! Check out our short video here to see how it works.

What We Can Do

What We Can't Do

  • Finding a new hotel to stay at

  • Send you reminders of upcoming tours, flights and accommodation

  • Finding a great local guide to tour with

  • Recommending a great spot to visit nearby

  • Helping you to find the best way to get somewhere

  • Suggesting a new destination to visit

  • Finding an event that’s happening near you

  • Recommending a great restaurant that’s near you and meets your budget

  • Finding somewhere good to shop near you

  • Advice on getting a local SIM card

  • Planning a route on public transport

  • Give you some great local phrases to help you out

  • Make bookings on your behalf or cancel any existing bookings you have made, unless this is offered by your Travel Buddy

  • Handle any money or make payments on your behalf

  • Assist with local law enforcement

  • Provide emergency medical or legal assistance

  • Fix that wobbly wheel on your suitcase

  • Clean the dirty hotel bathroom

Prices & Packages



3 enquires per day
12 hour max response time
1 user
0 phone consultations
1-10 day trip: $90
11-21 day trip: $120
21-35 day trip: $150
35+ day trip: $210
10% discount with Travel Planning*
20% discount on other services*
50% off shipping assistance*




* Discount applies when you purchase Travel Buddy as an add on to our travel planning service

** Available in select locations

All prices listed in AUD - We accept payments in all currencies, to check the cost in your local currency check out our currency converter

10 enquires per day
6 hour max response time
Up to 3 users
1 phone consultations per week
1-10 day trip: $120
11-21 day trip: $150
21-35 day trip: $180
35+ day trip: $250
20% discount with Travel Planning*
25% on Shopaholics & Logistics*
Free shipping assistance
Free Packing List
10% off all future bookings
10% Hotel Discount
VIP Mystery Gift
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