Qantas, Virgin Australia in laptop ban

Qantas & Virgin Australia have joined the growing list of airlines banning the use of Apple Macbooks on flights over recall concerns

Qantas and Virgin Australia have began to crack down on travellers carrying Apple Macbooks onboard their aircraft due to a recent product recall from Apple over concerns about the battery on some of its new products. The issue surrounds the overheating of battery packs and their potential to catch on fire.

"Until further notice, all Apple MacBook Pros must be carried in cabin baggage and switched off for flight following a recall notice issued by Apple,” a Qantas spokesperson said, although this was later clarified that this only refers to "all 15 inch Apple MacBook Pros".

Virgin Australia have taken things a step further and have banned all Macbook laptops from being used during their flights, not just the ones affected by the product recall.

“Due to a worldwide recall by Apple of a number of Apple MacBook batteries, ALL Apple MacBooks must be placed in carry-on baggage only," the airline says. “No Apple MacBooks are permitted in checked in baggage until further notice.”

The changes come after the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration imposed a 'no fly-ban' on the recalled Apple products, after the company admitted that "the battery may overheat and pose a fire safety risk" on models sold between September 2015 and February 2017.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency also issued a warning to airlines that fall under their authority to follow their regulations regarding electronic items that contain lithium batteries. Singapore Airlines have also asked travellers "to refrain from bringing the affected models either as hand-carry or in checked baggage until the battery has been verified as safe or replaced by the manufacturer."

If you would like to check whether your Apple product may be affected you can do so here.

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