Discover natural beauty beyond your imagination in the wondrous Nordic region, made up of five incredible nations: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden.

why the nordics?

For kids who want to experience the magic of Santa Claus, then Finland is a simply must visit as they can meet him at Santa's village.

You can spot the incredible natural wonder that is the Northern Lights in many different places across the region.

Scandinavian design is famous throughout the world, come and discover incredible architecture and design throughout the region.

getting there

from australia/new zealand

Getting to the Nordic Region from Australia and New Zealand, is easy - it just takes a while. Dozens of flights from the Middle East, South East Asia and the United States can take you to each of the countries in the region. Iceland is the only exception, as it is only accessible by two flights via the United States.


With direct flights from across the world to each of the nations in the region, getting to the Nordic's is incredibly easy for everyone.


With distinct winter and summer seasons providing vastly different weather, make sure you are clear about the time of year you want to visit.

Winter is the most beautiful time of year to visit these countries, but beware of deep snow and temperatures that plummit below -20°C

Summer in the Nordic region can bring 24 hours of sunlight, whereas winter can bring 24 hours of darkness. Plan accordingly.

where to visit

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