Capital: Copenhagen
Population: 5.749 milion

Denmark is one of the most architecturally beautiful nations not only in the Nordic region, but the world. With incredible medieval buildings, beautiful Scandic ports and exciting modern designs, you will never be short of things to see in this incredible country. Denmark, and in particular its capital Copenhagen, is also fast becoming a top foodie destination with new Michelin star restaurants popping up all the time. Mix this with a fascinating history + relaxed lifestyle and you may find yourself falling in love with Denmark before too long.


Getting to Denmark from Australia & New Zealand is fairly simple, with connecting flights to Copenhagen from most major Eastern destinations. Once in Denmark, getting around is incredibly simple with ample public transport including a train network that connects with neighbouring countries like Sweden & Germany.

Denmark’s vibrant capital is a quickly up and coming destination offering the best of Nordic food and style.
Discover the history of the Danes and marvel at the centuries-old timber houses that line the streets of this beautiful city.
The home town of the famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen is filled with wonderful museums to explore.


Capital: Helsinki
Population: 5.503 million

If you’re looking for your idealised version of the Nordic region, then Finland may be just what you’re looking for. With a capital city that blends the modern and traditional, Helsinki sets you up perfectly for discovering the beautiful country of Finland. Beyond the borders of the capital city lies a land filled to the brim with diverse landscapes and a unique, stoic culture. Explore the frozen wonders of the north in Lapland, the scenic coastlines to the West or the vast forestry and peaceful nature of the Finnish Lakeland.


Once again, getting to Finland from Australia & New Zealand is fairly easy with connecting flights to Helsinki from most major Eastern destinations. When you arrive in Finland, you can fly to all major tourist destinations within the country, there is also a comprehensive train network but it is a slightly slower way to travel.

Helsinki is Finland’s cultural, economic and social heart, and is proving to be one of the most popular cities in Europe time and time again.
The small northern city of Oulu offers respite for travellers visiting Finland’s vast northern area and is a charming place to spend a night or two.
The storied home of Santa Claus is one for people of all ages to enjoy with its plentiful snow activities and stunning forest surroundings.


Capital: Reykjavík
Population: 338,439

Iceland is undoubtedly one of the most incredible countries on Earth. For millennia people have survived here against the odds in the surrounds of some of the world’s most incredible, untouched scenic beauty. Towering snow capped peaks, simmering natural hot springs & geysers, rugged icy cliffs, striking black sand beaches and lush forestry are all a part of the landscape here. Venture into some of the scarce pockets of settlement and you will find a warm and friendly people, fiercely proud of their unique identity. Iceland really does have to be seen to be believed.


Getting to Iceland from Australia & New Zealand via Eastern routes will require three flights, but flights are available from all other Nordic countries. Flying to Iceland from Australia & New Zealand with just two flights is possible if you fly via Vancouver or San Francisco. Once in Iceland, it is more than likely that you will need a car to get around.

Reykjavik is Iceland’s incredible capital city, this enchanting city is packed with history, modern culture and spectacular surrounds.
The outpost city of Akureyri is settled at the base of one of Iceland’s most beautiful fjords and has the wonderful feel of a small town.
This incredible historic and beautiful national park was the original site of Iceland’s parliament from the 10th century and has some incredible natural sights.


Capital: Oslo
Population: 5.258 million

Norway is another Nordic country that falls under the definition of incredibly beautiful. The striking rugged coastlines, vast fjords, towering mountains, breathtaking Northern Lights & the beautiful the Midnight Sun are some of the scenic highlights that you can experience here. In winter you can observe a range of unique animals including polar bears and arctic foxes, go reindeer sledding and hike across the frozen wonderlands. In some respects Norway is the heart of Nordic culture with its own roots being traced all the way back to the Vikings and beyond. In modern day Norway though, the Norwegians are a friendly and respectful people that are welcoming to all while embracing the modernity of their country.


Norway is another easy enough destination to get to with connecting flights to Oslo from many major Eastern destinations. When you arrive you may find yourself getting around via a car more often than not, although long distance train travel is available as well as flying.

Oslo is not just Norway’s capital city, but is one of Europe’s most beautiful with excellent parks, museums and fascinating architecture. 
Head high into the Arctic North with a visit to the city of Tromso where you can explore the spectacular arctic surrounds.
Bergen is the gateway to the beautiful Norwegian fjords which are famous worldwide for their spectacular, picturesque vistas.


Capital: Stockholm
Population: 9.995 million

Sweden has become an iconic country across the world for its cultural exports: music, furniture and food. By paying a visit you can experience the country that has brought you some of your favourite things and discover some new favourites along the way. The vibrant, beautiful cities of Stockholm & Gothenburg are an excellent gateway to Sweden and are a great way to get accustomed to their friendly and upbeat way of life. Explore the more traditional northern provinces that include the mythical Swedish Lapland, or head to Visby & Gotland to experience a land that has barely changed in 500 years.


Of all the Nordic countries, Sweden may be the easiest to visit from Australia & New Zealand, simply because there are a greater number of flights to its capital Stockholm from destinations that connect from the region. When visiting Sweden, there is a helpful public transportation system that will help you to get around.

Stockholm is the vibrant, modern capital of Sweden that also houses some remarkable historic architecture. 
Gothenburg is one of Sweden’s most beautiful cities, known for its leafy streets and winding canals lined with shops and cafes.
Visby is a city that has not changed in style in the last several hundred years and is the first place to visit on the historic island of Gotland.


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