Discover a treasure trove of delightful island paradises in the heart of the inimitable Caribbean.

why the caribbean?

A diverse range of islands, nations and peoples with each having something wonderful and unique to offer any holidaymaker.

Friendly, warm and laid-back culture & lifestyle that is totally enchanting. Their sunny disposition is matched only by the beautiful weather.

Golden sand beaches, turquoise lagoons and vibrant beachside bars are a common sight throughout the Caribbean.

getting there

from australia/new zealand

Getting to the Caribbean from Australia & New Zealand can be a bit of a challenge for some, but for those committed enough to make the epic journey, the pay off is immense. With a minimum of two flights, usually three, the journey time is significant. HOWEVER, the journey gives travellers a great chance to create an epic vacation with stopovers in fantastic US or South American cities.


If you're travelling from the US, Canada or the United Kingdom reaching the Caribbean is incredibly easy and if you haven't found that out for yourself by now - we're honestly judging you! With a range of flights and routes to fly getting to paradise has never been so easy, and you can do it with minimal stopover time.


Most Caribbean countries offer visa-free entrance to Australian and New Zealand citizens for a period of up to 90 days which makes travelling that much easier. When you plan your Caribbean getaway with Dream Trip, our travel experts will provide all the information you need in regards to visas before you make any booking.

Most Caribbean countries are 4 to 5 hours behind GMT which means that they will be at least 13 hours behind Australia, depending on the time of the year. So make sure you get aclimatised to the change!

Some countries in the Caribbean will require you to have immunisations before arrival so please make sure you consult with a doctor before travelling. When you plan your vacation with Dream Trip, we will always do our best to inform you of any relevant medical information before you make a booking.

As the region is quite large it is not right to suggest that all the countries follow the same seasons but in general the best time to visit the Caribbean is the drier months between December and May.

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