the caribbean

With Dream Trip's easy holiday planner you'll be able to pick the things you want to do in the Caribbean and get a quote within minutes from one of our travel experts. If you like what you hear, we'll help you through the booking process.

Things to note:

Some island hotels require seaplane bookings which will add additional costs to the total value of the trip. If you are uncomfortable taking a seaplane, or don't wish to take one, please let our travel experts know during the consultation process so they can find an appropriate hotel for you.

Please note that some hotel preferences may not be available.

When creating the itinerary for the layover, the hotel cost will be relative to your budget selection, and costs may vary between destinations.

If you have a preferred stopover location/route please let us know in the initial consultation.

If you have any tours/activities that you would like to include, please also let us know during the consultation.

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